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Migrating to Dart's Null Safety

Prior to starting on my 4th Flutter mobile app, and because it seems that every plugin now supports it, I decided to give migrating to Dart's null safety a go. Sound null safety is available in Dart 2.12 and Flutter 2. In reading through the migration documentation, it appears the migration tool may pose as much time and effort as migrating by hand. And being I'm in this to learn the code, migrating by hand is the path I've opted for. I'm currently on Step 2.4 of the Migration Guide . Because each of my reminder apps is setup with a similar code base, I also decided to migrate all three apps at the same time. Thus far I've got one app down to 500 critical errors, while the other two are down to 396 and 393. Mobile Apps Critical Warn Info B4-I-Go 500 10 64 Hungry-on_Hand 396 8 56 Xpired To Be 393 10 58 Having started at over 600 critical errors on the B4-I-Go app , the migration thus far has been tedious, but informative and enlightening—to both Dart,

The Appreciation of a Framework

. . . that inspires productivity. The tl;dr is that, thanks to Flutter , my third app is now live in both Google's Play Store (for Android) and Apple's App Store (for iPhones and iPads). The appreciation comes in the form of the Flutter framework providing a solid base from which to learn mobile app development, without getting lost in the intricate details of every minute facet of the mobile app engine underpinnings. This allows you to learn as you go, and to still be productive as you continue learning more, and more (and more). I also enjoyed working with the Laravel framework (circa 2017). Once familiar with a framework, and in learning some of its nuances, app development time becomes more and more about the app than the tool. I've been enjoying seeing that transition with Flutter, and it's inspiring. Also thanks to the Flutter framework, and in setting up a shared theme and coding structure , this third app only took five weeks to complete! And—that developmen