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Wrote an App; Got a Mac; Wrote another App

Or more specifically, "Wrote an app for Android ; Bought my first Mac; Wrote another app for iOS and Android ." App development is a time-consuming, minutely detailed process, and there is little time for pause. Mar 29 First Flutter mobile app approved for Closed Testing in the Google Play Store. Apr 22 First interview for a Flutter Developer position (knowingly premature—but a part of learning). Walked through an hour-long presentation of my app development. In the end, they asked twice about iOS development, but I've never owned a Mac. May 14 My first Mac arrives —a refurbished 16" MBP direct from Apple. Jul 30 Second reminder app approved and marked as "Ready for Sale" in the Apple App Store (although it's free). Aug 1 Second reminder app approved  for Closed Testing in the Google Play Store. Aug 4 First app released to Google Play Store.  Second app released to both app stores  (store links provided below). Simple Reminders As referenced in my H