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"Hello Suite"

When completing a lengthy course on an interesting topic such as mobile app development via Flutter, the satisfaction of the certification at the end can be short-lived, as the real joy comes in the form of creating your own actual apps . Recommended course of action: "Just start building something . . . anything! " But what?! My First Flutter —and mobile— App (...Suite) In considering this was my first mobile app, chances were pretty good its code wouldn't be looking too spit-n-polished in the end, so I decided against going with my prized project. I craved to create something unique, and with dozens of smaller project ideas to choose from, I eventually determined to break from the flock of "Hello World" first-timer apps, and opted to face the challenge of creating a suite of apps, . . . as my first app. 😁 The suite's theme: Simple Reminders The suite actually began with the name 'KDC App Suite,' but it was soon changed to KD-reCall in an effort to

I got a Flutter Full Course Certification—Now what?!

The Goal : Find a mutually-accommodating position working on productive solutions involving mobile apps built with Flutter or JavaScript-based web interfaces before the end of the year. The Plan : → Phase I :  Begin learning mobile app development via Flutter. Complete. Yay! đŸ„ˆ → Phase II :  Focus on a solid project to continue to broaden and strengthen Flutter knowledge. 98% complete. This is what my next few posts will cover. ✍ → Phase III :  Interview prep and job search. Although I am one of those developers who is more comfortable discussing code while coding, I aim to learn how to discuss code without context as well (i.e., "Define the 'spread operator'"). 🧐