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New Browser Extension: Too-Much-Time

Browser Extension: Too-Much-Time This blog entry is to simply document the creation and publishing of my third browser extension now available in the Chrome Web Store . The extension was relatively light and more of a personal project to accomplish something during—and break the monotony of—my mobile app development learning curve (which is coming along nicely). Too-Much-Time Browser Extension Popup Too-Much-Time is a simple browser extension that allows you to 'time' the time you spend on certain websites. When the time you specify is up, you'll get an alert offering you the opportunity to stop or snooze. As with my other two browser extensions, Too-Much-Time is not only free, it's open source. Although I was really hoping to have this quite simplistic concept developed within a day, in the end, even two days would have been surreal. But also in the end, I'm pleased with what the simple concept of trying to limit my time on [enter addicting online web service here]