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Learning Mobile App Development via Flutter

Learning: Mobile App Development - via Flutter What is … Flutter? Flutter is a mobile—and web—app development framework powered by the Dart programming language. It is akin to React Native or Ionic, and is built by Google. Dart is akin to JavaScript — but not. Since coming out of beta in December 2018, trends from Stack Overflow and LinkedIn have indicated Flutter has become—and is currently— a well-developed, easy-to-use,  community-driven framework for developing natively compiled apps . It is currently used by a variety of vendors including Square, Sonos, eBay , and of course, Google also uses Flutter to develop some of  its own products such as Google Ads . Flutter 101: The Course Academind ( Udemy; Online Education ) provides over 150 high-quality courses across near two dozen topics, and is devoted to real-life success via online learning. Tagline aside, their Flutter course in point is a fine-tuned 36-hour course, and is the most detailed study program I have