Popular Development Tags: Starting 2020

Popular Development Tags: Stack Overflow

Starting off the year 2020

Below are the results for the most popular tags on Stack Overflow beginning the year 2020.

javascript1,931,524845 asked today, 4835 this week
java1,626,006585 asked today, 3235 this week
c#1,373,811453 asked today, 2427 this week
php1,327,017324 asked today, 2107 this week
python1,326,6071073 asked today, 6290 this week
android1,245,015369 asked today, 2209 this week
jquery974,371136 asked today, 862 this week
html961,389331 asked today, 1954 this week
c++650,668210 asked today, 1251 this week
css643,527213 asked today, 1263 this week
ios618,621178 asked today, 897 this week
mysql583,152159 asked today, 999 this week

Posted: 2020-01-16 by: Keith D Commiskey


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