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React Component Marries Chrome Browser Extension

Less than two years later, Chrome browser extension requests opportunity to see other code. Ever wondered how to wrap a Chrome browser extension inside a React component to allow the extension to run as a SPA? The Expired To Be: SPA version does just that.  It is a React alarm component I wrote that wraps and queues alarms in conjunction with the Chrome browser API. Having React stand in as Chrome's storage, queue, and notification platform worked out really well. Although obviously there is the maintenance and understanding of the integral relationship between the two technologies, the same can be said for Redux or any technology that is tightly integrated. SPA History: The Marriage Visual Overview: A detailed schematic outlining the integration between the React 'Alarms' component and Chrome browser extension can be found on GitHub: Expired To Be Page Load Architecture Diagram . As noted in the Expired To Be: SPA article on Sunday, April 2018, "B

Introducing: The Book Length Classification and Word Count Tool

Where does your story fit? Novel, Novella, Novellette, Modern Short Story, Short Story, Short-Short Prose, Flash Fiction? Introducing: The Book Length Classification and Word Count Tool — Providing aggregated insights distinguishing the differences between a Short Story, Novella, Novel, etc. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Disqus comments are provided at the bottom of the article page. Thanks, Keith D Commiskey

JavaScript Informational: Best of the Basics

Best of the Basics: JavaScript Informational JavaScript Informational: Best of the Basics: A full run through for entry- and mid-level developers looking for some solid fundamentals. Comments and suggestions always welcome. For those new to the language, this is my own personal introduction to the topic garnered from over 17 years of experience: I'm throwing it out into the informational nexus. -Keith D Commiskey So you wanna control your browser, ehhh...? Start with a Solid Base Variables are the crux of most programming languages, and a good place to start. You have to be able to ask for, handle, save, and recall various tidbits of information. Q: Why would you want to create a variable?   A: Variables are a part of what allows us to control “app”lications—such as your web browser. Everyone reading this informational on a web browser has the ability to create a variable in less than 30 seconds. For instance, most browsers allow you to open th

Popular Development Tags: Starting 2020

Popular Development Tags: Stack Overflow Starting off the year 2020 Below are the results for the most popular tags on Stack Overflow beginning the year 2020. javascript 1,931,524 845 asked today, 4835 this week java 1,626,006 585 asked today, 3235 this week c# 1,373,811 453 asked today, 2427 this week php 1,327,017 324 asked today, 2107 this week python 1,326,607 1073 asked today, 6290 this week android 1,245,015 369 asked today, 2209 this week jquery 974,371 136 asked today, 862 this week html 961,389 331 asked today, 1954 this week c++ 650,668 210 asked today, 1251 this week css 643,527 213 asked today, 1263 this week ios 618,621 178 asked today, 897 this week mysql 583,152 159 asked today, 999 this week Posted: 2020-01-16 by: Keith D Commiskey

There's code in my ... code! A common experience?

After writing about 500 initial lines of code in designing a database schema for a web app, I realized I'd gone and added 150 lines of JavaScript code—for handling 30 lines of JSON data I'd written above that—all directly in my `.sql` file. I often create new 'untitled' documents for temporary storage, but was curious if others might find themselves writing something completely different smack in the middle of their source? Productive tangents? I subsequently relocated the code into its own private `HTML` file, where it can now actually be tested to see if the code runs and all... Keith D Commiskey --Update-- The code took a few adjustments, but was able to run as intended. I stripped it out six hours later and streamlined the entire approach, although I wouldn't have found that streamlined approach had I not gone through the pain of initially overthinking it. I will blog the resulting coding tool within a couple days (hint: it's o

Instructing My First Tutoring Course [2019 Sep-Oct]

The results of teaching my first tutoring course: Background: I took on teaching this class less than two weeks prior to the class starting. I had never taken the course before. I had never formerly taught a class before. The only thing that caught me up was the second week in my correcting some misleading coding standards. I believe the end results (and comments) sum up a lot about me. I start out good , I take a slump (a learning curve to thoroughness), and I come roaring back to finish out the last half of the project with zest, and a much better comprehension of the entire situation (... and accounting for curriculum adjustments ). All in all, I believe—and hope—the students learned something, and if they continue to pursue web development, I hope their learning experience has helped them in their efforts. Keith D Commiskey COURSE DELIVERIES HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Reno From September 9th, 2019 to October 5th, 2019 Sat