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CSS3 3D Books on a Shelf

In an attempt to spice up a navigation system I'm working on, I took to CodePen to experiment with some CSS-based 3D books on a shelf. Although I believe the books turned out pretty good, I dashed the effort in lieu of a more simplistic approach. That aside, figured I would share the books I came up with, primarily because web development projects are fun to share. Development Phases Bad Shelves Good Shelves Narrower Shelves Shelves with Taller Books (latest/most developed) Sources The base for this development effort was in part thanks to Intro to CSS 3D Transforms by David DeSandro . Although I completely overhauled and applied all types of modifications, David's examples provided the initial insights. Gradient lines for the edged faces on books is thanks to moz://a's MDN web docs . I originally tried a pseudo :after class for the shelf, but due to perspective incompatibilities, I ended up only using this for the soft blur between

Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right

Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right I develop web apps for continual daily training and as a way to stay productive---and because they can sometimes produce fun and useful tools to use in life. Sadly, two of those utilities, and one of my games took to the sidelines last year. Fortunately, however, I was finally able to devote some time to getting them all up and running once again. Tech Details: tl;dr---The PHP EOL crept up on me, and in upgrading PHP, I also had to upgrade Laravel, which I knew was going to take some time (turned out two weeks' worth, but could've been worse). Unfortunately I don't recall much about all the controllers I wrote, and I likely understand less about traits and middleware than ever before. But alas, I am not a Laravel Developer; I know enough to get my apps working ( usually ). It was a delight to see all three sites spin back up---the blue on KeepTrack was beautiful; the coffee cup on Pick-a-Meal gorgeous; and t

Solve for 'x' with the Equation Calculator

Tweet Tweet !! : The " Equation Calculator " is the best " solve for x " calculator I've come across: ... and it takes full URL calculations complete with step-by-step solutions. ( #Symbolab ; #Eqsquest )  — Keith D Commiskey (@kdcinfo)  October 17, 2019 Although learning the Solver on a TI-83 or -84 is just as helpful (especially being that's allowed during tests). For the Solver, where  (x-25000) * 0.05 = 0.25x ... just let Solver's  0= (x-25000) * 0.05 - 0.25x -

Opera Browser Disables Keystrokes in other Apps [O-63 / W-1809]

Recently I've been experiencing intermittent issues in trying to use certain keystrokes in a few of my more common Windows-based applications. The two primary shortcuts I found that I cannot use are Ctrl-Shift-Home and Ctrl-Shift-End . These two shortcuts should highlight from the current cursor position to either the top or bottom of the available selection set, respectively. I checked all types of OS-level keyboard settings. After closing a few apps in an effort to reboot, I suddenly found I could use those keystrokes again! So I brought back up my apps . . . one at a time. The moment I reopened Opera, the keystrokes disabled. I tried disabling a lot of the various settings in Opera, one of which required a restart. I could not find a setting that gave me back these keystrokes. Strangely, Shift-Home and Shift-End both work. Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End also both work. They just don't all work together. Additionally, all the Shift/Ctrl arrow keys also function fine.

Pet Ref App: A Customizable Reference Tool

Introducing the " Pet Ref App ": A customizable reference tool. The Pet Ref App is an all-in-one location for pet-related notes and meds. Easy to use, the web app can be used in vet offices, by students in pet-related fields, or as personal notes or school references. Now Open! As of Thursday, August 22, 2019, the Pet Ref App site officially launched and is ready for sign-ups . Web App Background The Pet Ref App resource tool was initially created to help with gaining an understanding of "what means what" when first starting to work with pets. There is so much information involved in caring for pets, and most times all of this information is strewn across books, binders, and websites, or worse, the information is only shared verbally amongst individuals. This made learning about pet care challenging. This reference app was an attempt to centralize the information, while making it accessible via any computer or phone (#lovetheweb). In demonstratin