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Expired To Be 1.4 Released

' Expired To Be ' is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store . This Chrome browser extension allows you to enter expiration dates with 'alarms' (measured primarily in days) for any items you'd like to be reminded of. New features added in X2B 1.4:   - You can export your existing expiration items.   - You can import over 500 expiration items (the app will automatically walk through saving each item from the list you provide).   - I've also completed refactoring to enable a SPA version of the app that will work in any browser (no extension required). However, it will take a little time to implement a local 'alarm' interface, and to implement an optional (and opt-in) Web/Desktop Notifications system. Stay tuned for X2B 2.0! How it Works : The Expired To Be Chrome extension will provide notification reminders at a time of your choosing (which is the actual expiration date, minus your 'lead time'). The primary notification

Expired To Be: A Chrome Browser Extension

Expired To Be A Chrome Browser Extension Set and be reminded of expiration dates. 'Expired To Be' is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store . Get notified of expiring items for things you don't think about too often; like butter, medicine, or the supplies under your sink. As a developer, I spend most of my life in Chrome, which is why I decided to create this app as a browser extension. This was my 2nd Chrome Extension (the first being " Character Counts ", which I wrote as my Final Project in Harvard's CS50 course). Although I built the extension primarily for personal use, I also wrote it for continued JavaScript practice: It is open source on GitHub, and I'm completely open to feedback as well as PRs. And I'm especially open to looking into any bugs. Development time took just over 2 weeks. This was one of my more tedious projects I've worked on in awhile (migrations with Laravel, Nov 2016, actually), but then I was a

Character Counts V2

The Chrome Web Extension "Character Counts" has been updated. Current Features: 1. Count the number of selected characters on a page. 2. Convert an ASCII(char) string* between normal ASCII, ASCII (Int), and Binary. * A string is represented by characters, words, and/or entire sentences. New Feature: 1. Choose if your conversion input (source) string is ASCII(char) (default), ASCII(int), or Binary. The 'Convert' link will then cycle through the 3 conversions (although really 2; one converted output will always be the same as one source input).   For Example:   - ASCII(char) = ABC   - ASCII(int) = 65 66 67   - Binary = 01000001 01000010 01000011 Character Counts is available for free in the Chrome Web Store . Character Counts is also Open Source on GitHub .