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I··C··D··O··T··S (––and––lines––)

I··C··D··O··T··S··: A Web App Gametl;dr - take me to the game already!
ICDots is a board game for 2-7 players who will take turns selecting lines to form boxes. Scoring is 1 point per box pinned. Line colors have no distinction other than one is horizontal and one is vertical, and the alternating colors felt visually appealing. Game ReferenceWikipedia (Game: Dots and Boxes):
The Game:
Board is between 2 and 7 (represented as 1 row of boxes).Number of players is between 2 and [Board] size.Players take turns.If a player pins a box, they go again. Application URLs- React Version (working demo)- GitHub Pages- Process Flowchart- My JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance Version Technology HistoryInspired by a Codewars kata, the original kata solution was written with just JavaScript.In making the game interactive, the first version of ICDots was written with JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance (e.g., let myGame = new Game() and…

Dances with Vars

Dances with Vars:

Spans... Spans... Your name is Spans? Spans Div... Spans with Divs... Your name is "Spans with Divs"!?!

>Testing Dark Humor:

```describe(‘psychotic’, () => { it(‘puts’, () => { basket: “lotion” } expect(null).toEqual(“Precious”)) }```
I had originally posted this on Google+, but thought it fitting for my blog as well. I would also share on Twitter, but you can't format Twitter messages, so it'd lose it's coded `unit testing` humor hook.

Foundation 6 Install - 2018-01

[2018-01-07 / 08 - Sun / Mon]
Setting up a new VirtualBox VM with Ubuntu 16.04.3 (guest) on a Windows 10 MSI laptop (host/parent).
I was recently reintroduced with Foundation 6, and I decided it would be a good opportunity for a little redesign of my portfolio. This guide became a byproduct of my setup process.
Note: In this guide, 'ubuntuuser' will be the local Ubuntu username you choose when creating your VirtualBox Ubuntu VM (bullet item #2). Also, I tried to put all the important commands to run in bold - hopefully this translates when I publish from Evernote to Blogger. :)
VM with Foundation 6 from Scratch:
     - Downloaded Ubuntu Server Latest (16.04.3) ISO
     - Created a new VirtualBox VM (named "F18").           Apply the ISO, run through the Ubuntu installation (I accept near, if not all, defaults).           LAMP server | Mail server | Samba file server | OpenSSH server | Basic Ubuntu server                (names and passes ar…