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Front-End Development Certification Achieved!

291 Coding challenges later... Free Code Camp Front-End Development Certification achieved! The last project assignment was to build a Simon Game: I built  Simon 20  - complete with 3 speed levels, and a cheat mode! Initial functional development was completed in 8 hours. But follow-up tweaks and enhancements cost another 2 days, so it went about 3 days in total. My Free Code Camp public profile indicates I began the course on Oct 18, taking one full calendar month. The course was fun and helped a lot with keeping with practical everyday exercises. Next up: Well, I was going to start into, but looks like their site isn't as secure as one would hope (no SSL cert for HTTPS). I had to sign out and revoke my API Key :'( Strange I didn't notice when I signed up - it's one of the first things I typically check on with a site I intend to work with. -Keith D Commiskey

A little... Tic Tac Toe?

I'm near complete with the Free Code Camp  Front-End Development Certification course. 291 coding challenges and I'm on my last... Haven't read through the specs yet, but based on my last four projects, I'm guessing it'll run me another 3-4 days. My last project was a Tic Tac Toe game , in which you can play person-to-person, or you can play against the computer. If playing against the computer; - The computer will try to win, where possible; and try to block where it can. - Winning tiles highlight. - You can switch sides (between X's and O's). - Keeps score (scores swap when sides are swapped). - Has a random wait time for while computer is 'thinking'. Play Tic Tac Toe on CodePen: I dare say it wasn't as much fun as creating Guess Right (and be happy) , but games are fun to create in any case. -Keith D Commiskey