Career Tweaks

From time to time we need to make little tweaks to our career paths. Although learning React Native was next on my path, I've decided that learning another framework, even though it’s close to React, would continue taking me laterally; whereas at this point, I now need a much stronger foundation for my current skill-sets.

My goal for 2017 has been to gain exposure to the various front-end technologies that have become prevalent over the last five years or so: To upgrade my skills with tools I'd need to be a more productive asset in the current job market (read: so I can find a job and be good at what I do).

Having been productive this year with three different present-day frameworks (React, Vue, and Laravel), I believe it's time I now turn my focus to strengthening and expanding my knowledge of core JavaScript fundamentals.

Reasoning: Learning React Native won’t help me in passing advanced JavaScript tests, but doing a `.reduce()` a day might.

Instead, because 'dailies' and coding challenges force you to think more proactively (as opposed to being in constant 'troubleshooting' mode), my new strategy is to stick with React and Vue, and get to know JavaScript better! (...and HTML and CSS.)

Keith D Commiskey


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