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Done (for now) | An Online Timer (with countdowns)

" Done (for now) " is a multi-'timer' web app with custom snooze and a one-at-a-time notification queue. This is my second React web app, which I'm hoping will become my first React Native (mobile) app (once I learn React Native, which is next on my list of learnables). The 'Done (for now)' timer provides alerts (via a modal) with Snooze/Done/Disable options (and an adjustable snooze delay). See it in action: View the source code: -Keith D Commiskey

My Programming History: As of July, 2017

Coming up on my 1-year of being ‘between jobs’ (reasons explained within), figured I’d pay a tribute to all my developmental years up to now. Beyond the technologies I’ve semi-mastered along the way, and the projects I’ve completed, I’ve always enjoyed learning and, quite simply, being productive. I started programming with Atari Basic . I used cassette tapes to record my programs. Did some Atari DOS manipulation. Got my first PC and learned about MS-DOS 3.x . Learned about advanced batch files . Got pretty heavy into AutoLISP (and some DCL) for AutoCAD . Moved on to learning HTML (that new thing they called the “world wide web”). I never went with AOL… I went Prodigy, CompuServe, then Concentric.Net was my first web host (a place to put those HTML files). Learned some basic CSS (best viewed in Mosaic). Learned some basic JavaScript (and took a couple classes). Tried learning Java (but was still trying to figure out what it was; the only thing that m