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Open Source Code - Guess Right

I put the code for my 'Guess Right' game on GitHub . It includes the Vue files, Vuex state files, Laravel routes, model, controller, and migration files. It also provides a link to a flowchart diagram and a couple mockups I did for the game.

Loving My First Front-End Framework

I'm proud to announce I've fallen in love with my first framework; Vue. Well, second actually, with Laravel being my first. Both of these have helped to bring me into the world of... now? Both have allowed me to create a mini-site showcasing Laravel, with Keep Track and Pick-a-Meal , and now Vue, with Guess Right. "Guess Right" is my latest reincarnation, in that I took an old PHP program I wrote for Facebook, and completely rewrote it with Vue. I capitalized on Vue's reactive data, and fell in love with its templating system and state control. Combined with some Laravel and MySQL on the back-end made for quite a fun-thinking and manageable development environment. Tada!: The primary technologies I've covered in the last 2-1/2 months, converging to help make this little web app a functional success, are as follows: - HTML5 (tags, data attributes) / CSS3 - Laravel 5.2 / Blade - Vue.js 2.1.10 / ES2015 (ES6) / Axios