Keep Track!

Keep Track! ... an online inventory manager for keeping track of all types of 'stuff'... "Your Stuff!"

I built Keep Track as a way of learning Laravel, MVC, and Bootstrap. I created the entire project from scratch; migrations, models, controllers, views, AJAX, and more.

I worked on this project (whilst learning Laravel) on and off for about a year, while the bulk of of my coding thrust was in Sep and Oct 2016. I finalized and put the final touches on in early Nov. I have found that Laravel is a very nice framework and I enjoy working with it very much.

Bootstrap was fun to play with as well. Although I did miss some of Zurb Foundation's OOTB abilities (and there are likely more I didn't come across), I would say each have their own pros and cons. However, they're both pros in my book and each can get the job done in one way or another.


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