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Can't Decide Where to Eat? Let Pick-a-Meal decide for you!

Pick-a-Meal is an online "Random Food Type and Restaurant Selector". You choose multiple Food Types or Restaurants from a list that you create, and it will randomly pick one for you. I (re)built Pick-a-Meal to continue learning more about Laravel. My older, downloadable, version was done in very old school PHP(4). The new online version now allows anyone to setup their own Food Type and Restaurant lists. I integrated Pick-a-Meal with my last project, Keep Track!, which allowed me to learn more about routing and sharing resources. The older version of the program was also in dire need of an update, so provided an excellent opportunity to learn and upgrade at the same time.

Keep Track!

Keep Track! ... an online inventory manager for keeping track of all types of 'stuff'... "Your Stuff!" I built Keep Track as a way of learning Laravel, MVC, and Bootstrap. I created the entire project from scratch; migrations, models, controllers, views, AJAX, and more. I worked on this project (whilst learning Laravel) on and off for about a year, while the bulk of of my coding thrust was in Sep and Oct 2016. I finalized and put the final touches on in early Nov. I have found that Laravel is a very nice framework and I enjoy working with it very much. Bootstrap was fun to play with as well. Although I did miss some of Zurb Foundation's OOTB abilities (and there are likely more I didn't come across), I would say each have their own pros and cons. However, they're both pros in my book and each can get the job done in one way or another.