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KDC-Info Redesign 2015

Just activated my website's redesign. Long time coming. Last redesign was 2002. Disclaimer: I'm not a designer! Site: Please feel free to let me know if you experience any issues. Although I began Dec 2014, this was an on-and-off project. If I had worked on it as a regular day job, it likely would have still taken 3-4 months. The design-as-you-go method likely cost an extra month or more, but I had no idea of how it would play out up front as I was learning various technology limitations along the way. Technologies: HTML5/CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Zurb Foundation (responsive), NPM, Grunt, Bower Dev Box: VirtualBox VM running Ubuntu on a Windows 7 machine Tools: SublimeText 3, Git, SourceTree, Putty, WinSCP, Photoshop