Dedicated IP and SSL

Got my first SSL Certificate installed on my new dedicated IP for my personal site at I've still got some work to do, such as converting all internal references from http:// to https:// (or // rather), then I'll need to convert the entire site to be secure (https://), likely via htaccess.

My purpose for doing this was two-fold:

1. Supporting the "HTTPS Everywhere" endeavor.

2. So my Facebook app, Guess-Right-Guess will run again... it stopped working due to Facebook's response:
Secure browsing is not supported
This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS).
...and, well, now it is, and now it does.

I'm also looking to convert some of my more recent app-little-cations to Facebook as well, so this will help them as well.


  1. Just finished converting my entire site over to https. Hopefully there shouldn't be any pages on my domain that are http:, and hopefully there aren't any (or too many) resources I missed in converting over that are still trying to load in http (images and JavaScript and such). Some I already know are out of my control being delivered from 3rd party plug-ins (even Google, surprisingly enough).

    Let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary. Other than that, I'll be getting back to my AngularJS studies, which I'll be adding to my Development/Projects page in the next month or two.


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