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Mobile E-Mail Apps (July 2014)

After getting my first 'mobile' phone a month back - yes, I finally made the jump into the current decade - I figured I'd see what reading my personal e-mail would be like. Below are my findings based on trying out each of the four e-mail applications provided by my web host. All findings were based solely on my Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 using Chrome 36.0.1985.128 RoundCube - 0.9.5 Good for deleting e-mail after e-mail, one after another, click, click, click. Setting: Preferences -> Displaying Messages -> After message delete/move display the next message Note: Could not change settings in mobile. From main mail list - Just highlight one, then click delete, delete, delete. Also after this setting is made, when viewing an e-mail, deleting it will move you to the next. Difficult to read e-mail (see note below). Landscape - Message section of screen was vertically squished Portrait - Message section of screen was horizontally squished Note : This was bett

Form-a-Form Online Service

With regards to my form-a-form online service < >: Due to people forgetting they signed up for this service as a subscription, and my getting chargebacks (for $1.95 no less), despite it being non-refundable, and despite the contract they signed with the PayPal subscription service, I have discontinued this service until I can find a better method for providing this service. Please thank both PayPal for not protecting the seller and honoring their contracts, as well as people who don't understand what a subscription is. If you have questions or suggestions with regards to this, please feel free to comment either here, or on the form-a-form main page. Thank you and sincerely, Keith D Commiskey