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eBay Best Seller Award

The Award Not an official award, but wanted to give kudos and special mention to RBGameHunter on eBay for all of his help in getting me up and running. The Situation Ten months after my last move, I decided it was time to pull out my Atari 800 and get her up and running again after about, well, spending 24 years in boxes. To my disbelief I could not find it... anywhere. Hmmm!? The Background In my growing years, I'd learned to hang on to things in the thought I may need it or it may come in useful some day. Not having a lot of money growing up, you learned to make due with what you had. Over the years, I got better at not doing this (as much), but still held on to a lot of things I grew up with. During my last move, I tried minifying my 'collection' a bit by throwing out some boxes containing stuff I hadn't touched in decades. One of these was a fairly large box with some very dated wires and cables. What I'd forgotten was, under all those old wires and ca

Dedicated IP and SSL

Got my first SSL Certificate installed on my new dedicated IP for my personal site at . I've still got some work to do, such as converting all internal references from http:// to https:// (or // rather), then I'll need to convert the entire site to be secure (https://), likely via htaccess. My purpose for doing this was two-fold: 1. Supporting the " HTTPS Everywhere " endeavor. 2. So my Facebook app, Guess-Right-Guess will run again... it stopped working due to Facebook's response: Secure browsing is not supported This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS). ...and, well, now it is, and now it does. I'm also looking to convert some of my more recent app-little-cations to Facebook as well, so this will help them as well. Guitar Hero Song Finder  (completed 2014-08-04) Movies, Movies, and Games (a list of movies and games I own and want; still in progress as of 2014-08-18)

Mobile E-Mail Apps (July 2014)

After getting my first 'mobile' phone a month back - yes, I finally made the jump into the current decade - I figured I'd see what reading my personal e-mail would be like. Below are my findings based on trying out each of the four e-mail applications provided by my web host. All findings were based solely on my Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 using Chrome 36.0.1985.128 RoundCube - 0.9.5 Good for deleting e-mail after e-mail, one after another, click, click, click. Setting: Preferences -> Displaying Messages -> After message delete/move display the next message Note: Could not change settings in mobile. From main mail list - Just highlight one, then click delete, delete, delete. Also after this setting is made, when viewing an e-mail, deleting it will move you to the next. Difficult to read e-mail (see note below). Landscape - Message section of screen was vertically squished Portrait - Message section of screen was horizontally squished Note : This was bett

Form-a-Form Online Service

With regards to my form-a-form online service < >: Due to people forgetting they signed up for this service as a subscription, and my getting chargebacks (for $1.95 no less), despite it being non-refundable, and despite the contract they signed with the PayPal subscription service, I have discontinued this service until I can find a better method for providing this service. Please thank both PayPal for not protecting the seller and honoring their contracts, as well as people who don't understand what a subscription is. If you have questions or suggestions with regards to this, please feel free to comment either here, or on the form-a-form main page. Thank you and sincerely, Keith D Commiskey