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In my recent previous experience with both of these sites, my advice is to go back to getting out and doing things in life and meeting someone naturally. Below are my perceptions of using these two sites from a functionality standpoint. Please note however these observations/notes are as of the time of this posting, and cannot reflect any changes made since.

Although I don't have much feedback on, the primary issue I've found becomes quite time consuming and can even be downright disheartening, and that is with regards to the numerous fake profiles I came across. For me it's a bit easy to spot some of them because how many 28 or 29 year old girls are interested in a 46 year old man? "Maybe" one or two "somewhere" in the US but certainly not as many as I've seen on

Other than that, I just never got any responses from around 30 messages sent. I really had no idea I was that unapproachable in that not even one person can even provide a simple "Hello - not interested" back (if indeed any of them are real in the first place).

My biggest pet peeve with Zoosk is that there is no way to save your search criteria, and it resets itself after a certain amount of time.

FAQ search doesn't seem to work. I've tried typing in "Add button" and similar searches to find out what the Add button does, and I've tried "Carousel" to see how the Carousel works. Neither produced anything even close to answering my questions, and I've still no clue for either.

It doesn't appear the carousel has any settings for you to change, so you're stuck with whatever criteria it happens to choose.

Once you subscribe, you have to earn or purchase coins to view if messages are read or to view carousel matches. Having to buy after already subscribing is ludicrous IMO. As for earning, so far I can only see that the Carousel game provides for the coins, but it's capped at 40/day, and mine still hasn't reset to start over (so I'm guessing it's a rolling 24-hours and not a midnight reset).

My profile approval took about 14 hours. I submitted it after 10am the morning of August 7, and they finally approved just after midnight.

There is no way to contact other than a phone number they put on their Contact Us page. Apparently they don't support any other form of support communication. Even their blog is read-only. I did happen to find a way to submit an e-mail/form to them, but have yet to hear back on it.

Both Sites:

Both of these sites suffer from the lack of reverse/reverse search criteria. That is, there is no way to include in your search criteria any reverse (mutual) search criteria. For instance, I can specify my own search criteria to narrow down the women I'm looking for, but I can't limit that list to say, show only the women who are looking for guys my age.


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