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HTML5 Validation

I recently updated my site's main page to conform to the HTML5 standard! Easy stuff, but there's still a lot I'd love to do with not only my main page, but a lot of my inner pages as well. For instance, I can't wait to begin applying jQuery and UI functionality, and getting rid of my old tables in lieu of DIVs (although I could code 10 tables within tables using all sorts of rowspan and colspan attributes, it's been nice getting away from that and on to the softer and more manageable CSS layout approach). I've had the ability to do it since I was at Voyager, but I've just either been loving my jobs or my personal life a bit much to take the time. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things I'm looking forward to revising across my site... and I really need to do it, else my site is gonna end up on a "What sites used to look like in the 90s... and still do!" type of site. :) W3C Markup Validation - Success!