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Blogger/Blogspot: Reverse the Order of Posts

With regards to blogs using the new template designer layout, and with the help of many Google results and the jQuery API documentation and its comments, I have figured out a way to not only reverse the order of Blogger posts, but reverse multiple posts made on the same day. Use: I wanted my blog to read more like a journal or diary. Blogs tend to read more like news flashes, where the reader will read the most recent message posts first. So, it was necessary for me to find a way to reverse the order. Consideration: Although I got this to work on my blog, I cannot guarantee it will work for yours... template layout differences, previous edits, and other potential differences between your blog and mine. You should consider using the below guide in how I did it as more of a guide for things to look at when attempting to implement this on your blog. Not to mention, I'm writing this in April of 2011, so two months, six months, a year or more from now and it may not even be relevant a