White Collar Comedy

I was wondering today how come White Collar Comedy never became popular as Blue Collar Comedy has. Then it occurred to me that it probably failed 2 days into beta testing.

Now that's funny right der!

[Keith's click at humor]

They don't call me Ctrl-C for nuthin'! Well, okay, I call myself that. But for good reason. If you don't know, in computer terms, Ctrl-C cancels a DOS command or batch file. And I've canceled so many times, I guess that qualifies me as a self-starter. You catching all this?

[Flash humor: It's quick]

Speaking of pre-loaders...

And here I was wondering why white collar comedy probably wouldn't go too far.

Okay, I am giving the comedy back to the professionals now... I know, I wasn't supposed to attempt this at home. Sorry :(

Unfortunately, I could only find one professional worth watching on the subject:
Frank King - Clean Corporate Comedy


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