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I Miss Century Bank (aka, I now have ATM Fees [fees being plural])

Recently, Wells Fargo acquired Century Bank. My first withdrawl at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM produced these results on my balance sheet.

NON-MEMBER ATM FEE - ATM USAGE = $3.00 (the ATM fee itself)

NON-WF ATM BAL INQUIRY FEE = $1.50 (for having the ATM tell me my balance)

NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE = $2.50 (for withdrawing $... isn't that double jeopardy, double indemnity, double taxation, or double something or other?)

$7.00 to make a withdraw at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM.

I so miss Century Bank! They not only didn't charge ATM fees, they reimbursed the any ATM fees charged. Are there any Century Bank-types still out there?

* I tried Chase, and after hearing all their fees, I reconsidered, and they wanted $25 to close my account if done within 90 days of opening it. And b/c I decided against it, and wasn't going to do direct deposit, it was gonna be a $6/mo service charge. I had to put it on my calendar to remember to close it after paying them $12 to avoid paying the $25.

* Ba…