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Good Work is Hard To Find

Recently had my teeth whitened, and my two front (non-vital) teeth fixed with a chairside veneer. From where my teeth were at, the Dentist did an awesome job. I'd been wanting to do this for about 15 years now. And in finally able to do so, I just wanted to pay tribute to a job well done by Dr. Lide in Richardson, TX. My Review of Dr Lide and his staff

White Collar Comedy

I was wondering today how come White Collar Comedy never became popular as Blue Collar Comedy has. Then it occurred to me that it probably failed 2 days into beta testing. Now that's funny right der! [Keith's click at humor] They don't call me Ctrl-C for nuthin'! Well, okay, I call myself that. But for good reason. If you don't know, in computer terms, Ctrl-C cancels a DOS command or batch file. And I've canceled so many times, I guess that qualifies me as a self-starter. You catching all this? [Flash humor: It's quick] Speaking of pre-loaders... And here I was wondering why white collar comedy probably wouldn't go too far. Okay, I am giving the comedy back to the professionals now... I know, I wasn't supposed to attempt this at home. Sorry :( Unfortunately, I could only find one professional worth watching on the subject: Frank King - Clean Corporate Comedy

Simple Site Catalog - Now introducing Release 2.71

Simple Site Catalog , newly released 2.71 The Simple Site Catalog is a powerful yet simple and affordable online web store building system which offers a multitude of options, including a built-in CMS (content management system), and built-in multi-product editor. Release 2.71 includes spam control in forms, an inventory manager, an updated Google Base updater, master password, master password updates, and validation reworks for transitional types, along with a few other fixes and updates from the last release (2.6x). An optional new HTML editor works on multiple browsers. The Simple Site Catalog also provides for static pages (unfortunately this is not available on all servers, and requires a moderate level of web development knowledge.) In addition to the release of 2.71, both KDC-Info Simple Site Catalog add-ons, the Web Links Categorization module and Wholesale Administration Filter module, have also been updated to accommodate the new catalog release.

Last Day on World of Warcraft (WoW)

06/15 (Mon): Last Day of World of Warcraft (WoW) When I first started WoW, I enjoyed exploring new grounds, seeing new things, and just learning the basics of the game. In the end, I just enjoyed the questing, and then the goal to get to 80. I'm not sure the difference between levels 1-40 and 70-80, but my guess is there was just too much to cover (and enjoy by myself) in the end. 40-70 was most enjoyed when I was able to group with my brother-in-law. Well, without a line drawn for someone's end game, there isn't one, so I drew mine at getting to level 80. I'm back now in life to where I was prior to WoW... going over the 20+ things in life that I enjoy doing most (besides playing WoW). But I did so enjoy the break in life WoW provided for me. Perhaps I'll create a similar break in life in the years to come.

Business Trip to San Fran

Landed in SF just before noon on Sunday. It was a good trip. Talked quite a bit with the lady next to me. She was a teacher from Indianapolis. Was also going to SF (first time to Cali) on business. Spoke of her husband and one of her 2 kids. I did a little on the computer and played a bit on PSP. A good flight. Carol picked me up. I had to go downstairs 'cause she thought I came out the baggage claim section. Spending time with her, my mom and dad, Angel, and seeing Jasmyne for the first time was awesome. I had a great, great day. Tuesday and Wednesday were long, long days. Tuesday after work I walked down to Market and back. Had a few Sierra Nevada's at O'Briens. Wednesday I walked over to Townsend to check out the loft where I worked at Xybernaut Corporation in late 1996. Had some more Pale Ale at O'Briens. I also stayed out way too late and spent way too much - last time I do that. And now my legs are killing me, and I forgot about the bay area breeze... it was prett

I Miss Century Bank (aka, I now have ATM Fees [fees being plural])

Recently, Wells Fargo acquired Century Bank. My first withdrawl at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM produced these results on my balance sheet. NON-MEMBER ATM FEE - ATM USAGE = $3.00 (the ATM fee itself) NON-WF ATM BAL INQUIRY FEE = $1.50 (for having the ATM tell me my balance) NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE = $2.50 (for withdrawing $... isn't that double jeopardy, double indemnity, double taxation, or double something or other?) $7.00 to make a withdraw at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM. I so miss Century Bank! They not only didn't charge ATM fees, they reimbursed the any ATM fees charged. Are there any Century Bank-types still out there? * I tried Chase, and after hearing all their fees, I reconsidered, and they wanted $25 to close my account if done within 90 days of opening it. And b/c I decided against it, and wasn't going to do direct deposit, it was gonna be a $6/mo service charge. I had to put it on my calendar to remember to close it after paying them $12 to avoid paying the $25.


My first impression was, you can't be serious... Merriam-Webster is supporting Pizza Hut? Upon further examination, it was just a sponsored (keyword) advertisement. Upon even further examination, I found it interesting that: The Right-Wing definition date was: 1856 The Left-Wing definition date was: 1884 And I suppose I should transition that part over to my " and the Moral of the Story is... " blog, but I'll leave it here just the same.

Movies: Surround Lighting

They do 5.1 and 7.1 audio. I'm wondering when 2.1 or 4.1 lighting will be available? Even if just in the movie theaters to start. I saw some reflections during a shootout while watching Bangkok Dangerous, and it was cool. Looked like the gunfire was coming from my side. I now have 5.1 surround, so seeing those slight reflections... talk about total immersion! The .1 would be the main screen. 2. would be sides-front 4. would be sides-back Perhaps then there could be a .2, with the second primary directly behind the audience.