The Debate - 2008

Okay, I didn't want to do this, but this is frustrating. I'm a democrat, but I have no issues voting Republican or even Independent, depending on who I consider appropriate for the position, or worst case, against who isn't appropriate. I was pro-Bush in his first term, but vehemently against him for his second term (glad I was, but very sorry enough other folks didn't agree).

Here are just some of my thoughts on my frustration with some of the views I'm hearing (although it still seems split). There are a lot of people that have already made their decision, and so are nit-picking things that in anyone else's lap would never be thought twice about. Guess you can consider these my nits.

  • Didn't Bush have military experience? That got us far. I'm pretty sure a POW of 5 years will yield even better experience.

  • What experience does Senator Palin have should she have to take the CIC position?

  • Has no one considered, politics being a "Good Ole Boy" network, Palin wouldn't be pigeon-holed?

  • If McCain disagrees with supporting Bush, how does Bush feel about that? (which it was shown as fact he has agreed 90% of the time.)

  • Are you more concerned about the economy (D)? Or foreign affairs and corporations (R)?

  • If Bush were running again, going down as one of the worst presidents in American history, would folks still be anti-Obama?

  • Speaking of anti-Obama, what happend to being pro-McCain? I've heard commentators speaking about Obama's gray hair? Huh?

  • Obama flipping. That's funny. McCain is a much bigger flipper than most politicians. (I heard that on a news talk radio show 6 months ago.)

  • Obama didn't mention economic cuts? False. He mentioned cutting the billions we're spending on a false war in Iraq that McCain still thinks we can win. There are no winners in war. Doesn't he know that having his military experience?

  • I cringe to think we can make it another 4 years under (current) Republican leadership.

  • With as long as he's been in office, and as old as he is, can/will McCain really make "change" enough to get us out of our rut? Change typically isn't associated with life-long "experience".

  • I'm so looking forward to the VP debate. Especially for the women voting just because there's a woman in the race. Can anyone really separate their ideals from reality? Although I'm sure there will be tidbits folks will highlight whatever they can grab.

  • As with any minority, women included, this really shows you have to do twice as well as the non-minority participant in order to come up even in the best case.

  • In a debate, will the opposing party always disagree with every single thing? Agreeing in this case was an attempt to show bipartisanship. Oh my!

  • If McCain wins, and we get no better, or Lord forbid we get worse, will all the folks that backed him still back the next (R), as those that supported Bush in his second term are now supporting McCain? If so, how many years of doing badly will it take for folks to vote for reality (or worst case, a leap of faith in someone new) over their ideals?
Okay, I'm done. (For now anyways.)


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