Multi-Page Notebook App

The only open source equivalent I found for this program was discontinued back in 2004. Although the obsolete version of the app still runs on XP, I’m not sure about scalability for when we downgrade to Vista. Also, don’t believe either of these apps runs outside of Windows at all (short of wine, sorry *nix buffs, but then you probably have one built in  ).

What it is:

  • RightNote is a multi-page notebook that allows you to store and organize an unlimited number of notes in one file.

  • Each page contains a hierarchical tree which can contain virtually an unlimited number of notes.

  • Each page can be devoted to a different category, and typically you'll find you don't need more than one or two files to organize most things in your life!

Small-fee Commercial Notebook App: RightNote

Discontinued Open Source Notebook App: KeyNote

I’ll be shelling out the $20 for this (or $30 if I don't make it in time for the special deal). I already shelled out $30 for an Explorer replacement (xplorer2: ) and I’ve been more than happy with that.


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