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World of Warcraft

The game is afoot! Care to join? Just let me know. I can provide you with a 10-day free pass to the greatest multi-player online game of this century to date. Okay, that's subjective, but you'll agree as soon as you create your character and learn the ways of their culture. I have a family of characters, for which each one provides their own level of exciting adventure paths and abilities. You can click on their name to see more detailed stats about them. You can also follow their progress in my newly created " Dragnist Family blog . Dragnist Family - Antemortem Doujhe [doo-hey] Alliance Human Paladin Engineering / Mining family favorite Da'ajhn [d'-on] Alliance Night Elf Druid Alchemy / Herbalism youngest brother Dehstni [dest-knee] Alliance Draenai Warrior n/a the only lady Dejhde [d'-shde] Horde Undead Warlock Alchemy / Herbalism eldest brother; always up to no good Duujhn [doon] Horde Blood Elf Hunter n/a Dejhde's follower