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Cannot empty the clipboard.

Cannot empty the clipboard. Well, I finally found a solid solution for this error (so far as I know for now). I tested this near 50 times and about 5 different ways. I've read LOTS of message posts on this, and not one has suggested this. Although one came close by suggesting to leave a copy of MS Word open (if the problem is happening in Excel). Unfortunately, this problem has been known to happen in Word also. My solution? Ready for it? Here it is... Open the clipboard, and leave it open (but minimized). How to open the clipboard? There should be a file in your system32 folder named "clipbrd.exe". Double-click it. Or, you might be able to "Run" (Win-R, or Start->Run) the "clipbrd.exe" command (minus the quotes). Please note that this solution is primarily for anyone with this issue that isn't running the Get Right Monitor, or you're not running remote desktop (rdclip) and/or terminal services.