DirecTV vs Dish Network

In a follow-up to my AT&T DirecTV Home Entertainment blog post:

Although I would still love to have access to FIOS, we were recently forced to switch from AT&T HE over to Dish Network via Ygnition. Although skeptical of a company I've heard nothing about (which is why we didn't go with them when we first moved in), we had no choice. Living in an apartment has a lot of upsides (for us anyway), but this is one of the downsides.

However, surprisingly, I like them. The pricing is still ridiculous if you get a SetTop per TV (which we had to do with AT&T HE). With AT&T HE we had no choice but to get a SetTop per TV because you couldn't get local channels without it (at least not anything worthwhile, and we speak very little Spanish). But with Dish Network, we get every single channel we could want without a SetTop box. So, we only got one for the living room. Pricing is still high with only one box, but it's better than AT&T HE with 4.

Although changing channels is normal without the SetTop box, changing channels with one is a bit slow. But it's bearable with the speedier menu.

And what's best (aside from local channel availability), the menu system is what I was hoping for with DirecTV. It even looks like it was created in the 21st century! The box does too :)

All in all, I'm glad we were forced to switch, but we'll most likely still be considering moving in the next 6 months or so. I'm hoping we won't be restricted to a particular school district this time. But no matter where, if FIOS isn't available, we'll certainly be hoping Dish Network/Ygnition is.


  1. There really isn’t much competition when you set DISH and Direct up side by side. As a DISH customer and employee I know some basic facts: DISH has the most HD channels, DISH has the lowest all-digital prices nationwide, DISH has award winning equipment, DISH beats Direct in the annual ACSI survey in the Loyalty, Value, and Customer Satisfaction categories.

  2. You're right Elias! I was doing my research in comparing the two and found the perfect website that gave me all the comparisons I needed to make my decision. Its and compares not only DISH and DirecTV but other cable companies as well. Turns out DISH Network was the perfect TV provider for me! Now I work and subscribe with them also and absolutely love my services! :D


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