Care to earn some money?

Care to earn some money?

YOU can earn up to $10 for submitting moral story clips.

Payment is $1 for each moral clip that is accepted and is payable only via PayPal. Acceptance is solely at the discretion of Keith D Commiskey. At this time, up to 30 clips will be accepted. Submit up to 10 clips at once, or submit one at a time.

See the bottom of the morals page for contact information. If accepted, a request for your PayPal e-mail address will be sent. You can also elect to have your contact information made available, or your moral clip will be submitted by "Anonymous".

Acceptance or non-acceptance will be made within 2 days. Payment will be made for each submittal as they are accepted or in agreement with submitter. Offer will end by May 31, 2007, but can be extended or cut short at any time.


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