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My Latest Major Web Project - The World's Greatest - Hall o' Fame

The World's Greatest - Hall o' Fame Do you have a "favorite" in your life? Someone special you'd like to recognize? Someone that's always been there? Or maybe even just recently? Perhaps even just for today? Let them know you care by putting them in: The World's Greatest Hall o' Fame! ( Free! ) Once you register, then login, proceed to the Devotion Page. Enter your devotion. When your devotion is complete, you can print your devotion. If you have a PDF created, you can print it, save it, and it stays available for 3 days. You can also go back and search for the information you used to create your devotion, as can your devotee! They can do that because you have placed them in The World's Greatest Hall o' Fame! And they'll stay in there for a long, long time. And remember, it's FREE!

Newsgroup Posts

Wow! It's amazing not only to see how much I've posted in newsgroups, but the number of e-mail addresses I've used over the years. My first post was on Apr 28 1997. My current profile is: google - 46 [and growing] - (2002-2007) Other profiles were: keith.commiskey - 20 - (1999-2004) kdcmc - 12 - (2002) ne2000 - 3 - (2001) kdcmc - 2 - (2001) kdcnews - 13 - (2000-2001) kdc - 26 - (1997-1998) kdcinfo - 2 - (1997)