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Cannot empty the clipboard.

Cannot empty the clipboard. Well, I finally found a solid solution for this error (so far as I know for now). I tested this near 50 times and about 5 different ways. I've read LOTS of message posts on this, and not one has suggested this. Although one came close by suggesting to leave a copy of MS Word open (if the problem is happening in Excel). Unfortunately, this problem has been known to happen in Word also. My solution? Ready for it? Here it is... Open the clipboard, and leave it open (but minimized). How to open the clipboard? There should be a file in your system32 folder named "clipbrd.exe". Double-click it. Or, you might be able to "Run" (Win-R, or Start->Run) the "clipbrd.exe" command (minus the quotes). Please note that this solution is primarily for anyone with this issue that isn't running the Get Right Monitor, or you're not running remote desktop (rdclip) and/or terminal services.

DirecTV vs Dish Network

In a follow-up to my AT&T DirecTV Home Entertainment blog post: Although I would still love to have access to FIOS, we were recently forced to switch from AT&T HE over to Dish Network via Ygnition. Although skeptical of a company I've heard nothing about (which is why we didn't go with them when we first moved in), we had no choice. Living in an apartment has a lot of upsides (for us anyway), but this is one of the downsides. However, surprisingly, I like them. The pricing is still ridiculous if you get a SetTop per TV (which we had to do with AT&T HE). With AT&T HE we had no choice but to get a SetTop per TV because you couldn't get local channels without it (at least not anything worthwhile, and we speak very little Spanish). But with Dish Network, we get every single channel we could want without a SetTop box. So, we only got one for the living room. Pricing is still high with only one box, but it's better than AT&T HE with 4. Although changing ch

Tribute to Reba on CMT

Tribute to Reba on CMT - 09/16/2007 Such class. Such beauty. So much emotion! So inspirational!!! Lorreta! Dolly! Such class. Such beauty. So much emotion! So inspirational!!! I love everything from folk to hip-hop, and am mostly an 80's person, yet country always grabs my heart and soul. I see these artists, I see talent, professionalism, and such beauty...

LinksManager Raising Monthly Price

Looks like LinksManager is raising their pricing, starting immediately, from $19.95 to $29.95. I could barely justify the $19.95 per month for a recip link checker. Was curious if anyone else felt $30/month is worth it? Or am I just being a little overly self-conscious with my monthly allotments and priorities? read more | digg story

Change Your Passwords

It is highly recommended to change your passwords so that they are at least 8 characters in length, provided you at least include a number or two, and one or two capital letters. Some good password information pages are at: Great strength checker Good advice, but don't use the checker (the one above is better b/c you don't have to 'submit' it) Consider changing your passwords today! Consider your e-mail, ftp, computer login, network login, router/access point (14 or 15 recommended), and any other passwords you might have. And don't put them under your keyboard! :o

Technorati - A Great Blog Resource

Technorati... is to me what it sounds like - a souped up, really nice looking blog directory and social networking tool. I get a little more formal feel from it than I do from BlogCatalog, which both have their own level of personalization and comfort. And that's why I'm proud to be a member of both. They help keep the web current, focused, and interesting...

AT&T Home Entertainment - Customer Owned Equipment

This message post isn't so much a complaint, although I do have those in this regard, as it is just something I learned that I thought to share, and who knows, perhaps I'm missing something. We have DirecTV. Not by choice, but because the apartment complex we live in has a contract with them, so we basically don't have a choice. However, although we have DirecTV, for our area, DirecTV farms out our service to AT&T HE (AT&T Home Entertainment). Aside from other major fiascoes with AT&T HE, their services, and their customer service (or lack thereof), we thought to avoid rental fees on our receivers by purchasing our own. In February, AT&T HE even recommended "Customer Owned Equipment" (first e-mail at bottom). However, apparently now, there's no longer such a thing as "Customer Owned Equipment". Wow! I was and still am bewildered. But again, perhaps I'm missing something... I can't find any news articles on this anywhere. Am I

BlogCatalog: Become a Neighbor, Become a Friend

Of all the blog directories that I've posted my blogs to, I've come across one that has taken blogging to an inspiring level. Blog Catalog has allowed individual bloggers to become part of a larger family, where you can join neighborhoods and become friends with folks around the world based on likes and similarities. A new definition of the word friend, where you don't even have to have ever spoken with your friend, yet you still share a kindred bond between blogs. Come join the family , join a neighborhood , and become a friend :) Inspiration for this blog post comes from Monawea , who is helping to let folks around the world know of this great blogging directory/community. Join the discussion! To Blog: Providing personal insight to the world. Write it, and it will be read. Keith D Commiskey GiftsForYouBiz Profile Featured Blogs: Keith D Commiskey Et Al. - Personal Blog and the Moral of the Story is... - Thoughtful Blog Crystal Figurines, Crystal Gifts - The Collectibl

Google launches iGoogle & Gadget maker

Google Personalized Homepage will be rebranded as iGoogle and will let you build your own gadgets using wizards. The gadgets are very simple and are more like containers for things that matter to you: photos, videos, events. read more | digg story

Care to earn some money?

Care to earn some money? YOU can earn up to $10 for submitting moral story clips. Payment is $1 for each moral clip that is accepted and is payable only via PayPal. Acceptance is solely at the discretion of Keith D Commiskey. At this time, up to 30 clips will be accepted. Submit up to 10 clips at once, or submit one at a time. See the bottom of the morals page for contact information . If accepted, a request for your PayPal e-mail address will be sent. You can also elect to have your contact information made available, or your moral clip will be submitted by "Anonymous". Acceptance or non-acceptance will be made within 2 days. Payment will be made for each submittal as they are accepted or in agreement with submitter. Offer will end by May 31, 2007, but can be extended or cut short at any time.

winmail.dat Files

Ever get an e-mail with a winmail.dat attachment? It's a good sized attachment, and you know what they sent you is in that file, but how do you get to it? The easiest solution I've found is to forward the e-mail "as an attachment" to an e-mail account from which you can open it with Outlook. Then, when you open it with Outlook, you can then open the original e-mail which is now an attachment. That e-mail should now contain the [sub-]attachment you were looking for. And, after all that, don't forget to run a virus scan on it. The following site is what led me to think of this solution: MSDN Results: winmail.dat

Crystal Jewelry now available from GiftsForYou.Biz

It is now official! I've gotten Crystal Jewelry up and available on my GiftsForYou.Biz site. These are really high quality jewelry items! They are a welcome addition to the GiftsForYou.Biz gift product line. Oh, and if you didn't know, the Optical Laser Crystals are available again as well! :)

It's Nice to Be Known (or at least quoted)

Why do we do 3d digital illustration? Quote from The Animation Den, Inc. : 3d illustration allows us to see a product before it is produced. It can be very high tech or fun. Companies are discovering that animation and 3D illustrations can enhance their marketing abilities. According to Keith D. Commiskey “Some markets are starting to employ this technology as others are still unaware of its benefits. Many companies will not see a purpose until it has been introduced in many of its competitors operations.” Taken from my Animation Exposure - KDC-INFOrmational So what do you call a quote from a quote?

My Latest Major Web Project - The World's Greatest - Hall o' Fame

The World's Greatest - Hall o' Fame Do you have a "favorite" in your life? Someone special you'd like to recognize? Someone that's always been there? Or maybe even just recently? Perhaps even just for today? Let them know you care by putting them in: The World's Greatest Hall o' Fame! ( Free! ) Once you register, then login, proceed to the Devotion Page. Enter your devotion. When your devotion is complete, you can print your devotion. If you have a PDF created, you can print it, save it, and it stays available for 3 days. You can also go back and search for the information you used to create your devotion, as can your devotee! They can do that because you have placed them in The World's Greatest Hall o' Fame! And they'll stay in there for a long, long time. And remember, it's FREE!

Newsgroup Posts

Wow! It's amazing not only to see how much I've posted in newsgroups, but the number of e-mail addresses I've used over the years. My first post was on Apr 28 1997. My current profile is: google - 46 [and growing] - (2002-2007) Other profiles were: keith.commiskey - 20 - (1999-2004) kdcmc - 12 - (2002) ne2000 - 3 - (2001) kdcmc - 2 - (2001) kdcnews - 13 - (2000-2001) kdc - 26 - (1997-1998) kdcinfo - 2 - (1997)