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House is Sold! We're Moved.

Closing was two days ago. And our move wasn't far. Just a few blocks away. In moving into an apartment, we've aleviated the stress of foundation worries, a/c problems, and the host of other issues that go into keeping a house maintained. The next house we get we'll get when we can afford to hire professionals to take care of it. I do computers; I'm no good at fixing sprinkler systems (I learned this firsthand). So, everything else aside, we have indeed moved. And although we're only about 3-4 blocks away, we're now in Dallas. Keith P.S. I just last night got our internet access setup at home (took 2-3 weeks for SBC/ATT/Yahoo to activate service). Also had to increase the security protocol on our wireless (living in an apartment, there are lots more potential hacks into your wireless network).