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Looking to Move - Residentially Speaking

AND, on top of a new job, and a new web host for, we (Michelle, Brittany, and I) are looking to put the house up for sale in the next month, and move back into an apartment (we just can't keep up with the maintenance (fees) required by this 1980 luxury home (still not quite sure how my folks did it). Perhaps we'll get another one when we can afford a newer model?...

Web Host Transfer -

And to make life even more fun, I've relocated my web host to Jatol , which accommodates JSP (as well as PHP and ASP).

New Job!!!

Yep, Keith (that's me), got a new job. I'm leaving Fujitsu Network Communications (, Inc.)! It was 8 years as of May 8, 2006. Where am I going? Voyager Expanded Learning, L.P. Doing what? Sr. Web Developer/Designer This is the type of company I have been looking for since Salar, my boss from Owen Consultants, Design Engineering Group (DEG), and Salar and Associates (Salar is the boss that relocated me from Concord to Sacramento, and then to San Diego). In any case, my first day with Voyager will be on June 6 (I get a 4-day weekend). My exit with FNC will be quite busy, as I have to teach as much as I can about Graphics Administration, graphic workload reporting, and every other aspect of graphics as I can. Then there's the department's intranet site (web development)... No one is indispensable, and no one person is truly non-replaceable. Tech Pubs, and Fujitsu, has allowed me to gr

KDC-Info - Movie Clips: Working Again

My movie (animation) clips are now working again. The AVI files I was using were having a problem on Windows XP machines, so I converted them to MPG, which don't appear to have a problem (however, please let me know if you experience an issue with these too). Thank you for your patience on this... I know I missed having them available. KDC-Info - Movie Clips: Working Again

Simple Site Catalog - Existing User Admin Area

Just finished creating a private and secure area for existing users of the Simple Site Catalog . This area will contain vital install, setup, customization, and other end user information on both the released and beta versions of the catalog, security notifications, and personal/user observation notes. This password protected area will serve as a Simple Site owner informational and notification community. A " Page Change Monitor " has also been installed, as was one on the Simple Site Catalog demo main page as well.

W3C Validation

Just finished making most of the pages on my GiftsForYou.Biz site validate successfully via the W3C Validator . That was fun. Still have some other pages to do, but will do those when I finish tweaking/updating my DB-RSE SourceForge.Net project .