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3 New Renderings and a Logo

4 new images have been added to my collection. COMMERCIAL : ... Empty Building RESIDENTIAL : ... Patio/Deck ... Patio Roof LOGO : ... Keith D Commiskey And don't forget, in addition to the larger 640x480 images, some of these renderings are also available for viewing in AVI format on the Animations page. 3 New Renderings and a Logo

6 New Computer Animations and Logos

6 new AVI movies have been added to my collection. "New", as before, just means they're new to public viewing. They all range in the original creation dates, from mid to late 1990s. MISCELLANEOUS : ... Greener Mazes (9.0 MB) COMMERCIAL : ... Portable Panels (3.9 MB) ... Slugger Stadium (10.2 MB) LOGO : ... Keith D Commiskey (2.6 MB) ... Arch-Cad (2.3 MB) ... Tsunami (5.5 MB) Most movies are encoded using MS Video R3.2 6 New Computer Animations and Logos

KDC-Info - Development Projects

Just added: Directory Allocation Display Utility This is a little PHP utility that will list all the subdirectories and their sizes from a given starting directory (e.g., the root folder). KDC-Info - Development Projects

Development Projects Reorganization

The "Development" (i.e., Projects, Development Projects) page has been categorized for an easier understanding and view into the types of projects I've created. Some of these have demos, others are only screenshots of the projects (typically due to if they were created for use on an Intranet, or if they contain confidential or proprietary information). New projects are constantly being considered, and existing projects are sometimes upgraded/updated to provide additional functionality. Please check back here to see if anything has changed. Development Projects Categorization