10 New Computer Animations and Animation Extracts

I've added 10 new movies to my collection. "New" in this case just means they're new to public viewing. They're all actually fairly old (mid to late 1990s), but still worth a peek IMHO.

... Best Evidence (2.5 MB)

... House Roof Detail (1.7 MB)
... House Drain (11.0 MB)
... Residential Build (6.5 MB)

... Space Plan (3.7 MB)

These have been reduced in size, so color and other distortion may appear. They were originally created to fit on a TV screen via a VHS tape.
... 2D Body-to-Brain (2.2 MB)
... 3D Receptor (0.2 MB)
... 3D Receptor/Petri Dish (1.9 MB)
... Finding a Genome (3.3 MB)
... Found a Gene (0.5 MB)

10 New Computer Animations and Animation Extracts


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